Treasure Hunt: Bangor Town Centre

Jenny Watts Treasure Hunt in Bangor Northern Ireland

Ideal for discovering more about where you live or exploring somewhere new. Trails are done in your own time at your own pace. This Trail is approximately 3.5 miles long and takes 2 hours to complete. This Trail is suitable for all ages from 6 – 106.

Bangor-Town-Map-for Treasure Hunt

Clue 1:  Saint Malachy’s Wall

Who founded the first monastery on the site of Malachy’s Wall next to Bangor Abbey?

Clue 2: Castle Park Grave?

What was the title of the gentleman buried at the Grave in Castle Park?

Clue 3: The Walled Garden

When was this garden opened to the public?

Clue 4: Bangor Castle

Which industry did the family of the owner of this house in Castle Park bring to Bangor?

Clue 5: Castle Park Sundial

What is the symbol on the sundial?

Clue 6: Castle Park Chair

On which seat at Bangor Castle did Aslan rest?

Clue 7: Castle Park Tree

What colour did the soldier who tied his horse to this tree support?

Clue 8: Bangor Post Office

Some records say there are only two but there are certainly very few. Why?

Clue 9: Good Templar Hall

What did the previous owners of these premises condemn?

Clue 10: The Royal British Legion

What was the relationship between the lady who laid the foundation stone and the gentleman buried at No 2?

Clue 11: Carnegie Library

Where was the gentleman who paid for the library born?

Clue 12: Ward Park Gun

What has this gun in common with Samson and Goliath?

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Former shipmates and then sworn enemies of Jenny Watts. Peg-leg Antoine once had his booty plundered by Jenny right from under his poop deck. The treasure was then smuggled to the coasts of Bangor in Northern Ireland and has never been seen since. Peg-Leg Antoine died soon after, having suffered from food poisoning after eating an under-cooked rat.

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