Treasure Hunt: Bangor Seafront

Jenny Watts Treasure Hunt in Bangor Northern Ireland

Clues for the Bangor Treasure Hunt 2: The Coastal Path

If you missed Bangor Treasure Hunt 1: Bangor Town Centre you can find it here.

Coastal Path Treasure Hunt in Bangor Northern Ireland

Clue 1: (Former) Kingsland Toilets?

When was the camera club set up in this building?

Clue 2: Royal Ulster Yachtclub

Who was the famous teaman who was a member of this club?

Clue 3: Seacliff Road

This gate is securely locked to keep the public off the rocks. How many locks are there?

Clue 4: The Eisenhower Pier

Which mosaic depicts Columbanus and his followers rowing? (Down the Rhine?)

Clue 5: The Eisenhower Pier

What was the date of the invasion?

Clue 6: Colin Middleton Lived Here

What is this address?

Clue 7: Quay Street/Crosby Street

On which building on Quay St/Crosby St can we see this half-hidden inscription?

Clue 8: The McKee Clock

To which sailing club did Mrs Coates belong?

Clue 9: To Pickie Park

Which organisation meets here?

Clue 10: The Pastie Supper Lover

What does this legend have on his back?

Clue 11: Old Pickie Pools

Who were not permitted to use this facility?

Clue 12: Wilson’s Point

Fourteen hundred years ago Columbanus sailed from Bangor to set up monasteries throughout Western Europe. If he had taken the shortest route to Scotland where would he have landed?

Written By

Former shipmates and then sworn enemies of Jenny Watts. Peg-leg Antoine once had his booty plundered by Jenny right from under his poop deck. The treasure was then smuggled to the coasts of Bangor in Northern Ireland and has never been seen since. Peg-Leg Antoine died soon after, having suffered from food poisoning after eating an under-cooked rat.

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