Safe Scandinavian Destinations for Summer 2020

We’ve been locked down and at home for a while now, it’s time to get out and explore Europe for a bit. Why not Scandinavia? Most of the Scandinavian countries were among the first to lockdown and citizens in those countries did a great job of responding and following orders. As a result, the virus was controlled, making these safe destinations for your 2020 travel plans. There are beautiful destinations throughout Scandinavia so there’s sure to be a location that fits with your dream holiday. Good news is, these locations aren’t more than around a 2-hour plane ride from the UK!

Oslo, Norway

Oslo is the capital city of Norway and is packed with lovely green spaces and museums to occupy any interest. Immerse yourself in Viking culture or take a boat trip to beautiful walking trails. Plan your trip to Oslo thoroughly, because there is so much to do there, whether you are looking for more history, culture, or nature, Oslo has it all! If you have some extra time on your hands right now, you can even try and learn Norwegian at home using apps like Babbel for example. This way, you’ll be able to interact with the locals and have a more immersive experience while there.

Flåm, Norway Scandinavian Destinations 2020

Rovaniemi, Finland

Located in the Lapland region, Rovaniemi is the ideal place to get a peek at the Northern Lights and is said to be where Santa Claus was born. During the summer, the area is light 24 hours per day and there are lots of outdoor activities to enjoy, as well as delicious dining and culture hotspots for all ages.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Summer is the ideal time to head to Iceland for volcano tours or diving. There are trout and salmon fishing spots known all over the world so try your hand at catching your dinner. You can also take a cruise to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights, watch puffins in their natural habitat, or take a foodie tour to try all the best coffee, pizza and hot dogs the city has to offer.

Aarhus, Denmark

Just seeing the beautiful centuries-old timber homes is enough to make a holiday to Aarhus worth the trip. The botanical gardens and art museum are not to be missed and neither is the city’s famous open-air museum. Learn about Viking culture at the underground museum and don’t miss the Aarhus Cathedral with its 14th-century architecture. The food is another great reason to visit and there’s something for everyone here.

Aarhus Denmark's second largest city

Tromso, Norway

If spotting wildlife is part of your dream holiday, Tromso won’t disappoint. Watch for orcas and humpback whales or take a dog sledge ride or reindeer sleigh to see the plants and animals in the very north of the country. The city boasts some of the best views of the aurora borealis and has an ice hotel that’s rebuilt each year. There’s always something new to see and experience and summertime is a fun way to see it all.

Gothenburg, Sweden

Here’s the hometown of the VW automobile, but that’s not all the place has to offer. Check out 17th century Haga for cobblestone streets and the city’s famous giant cinnamon rolls. Browse the tiny little houses, many of which are shops now. Make sure you take the time to enjoy a meal on the waterfront, where some of the city’s best dining can be found.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Once home to the famous author, Hans Christian Anderson, Denmark looks like a photo straight from a child’s book. Take a tour of the colourful buildings along the Nyhavn canal and don’t miss the Tivoli Gardens, a 19th century-style amusement park. You’ll also want to see Amalienborg, the palace where the Danish royal family stays in the wintertime. Copenhagen is also a foodie destination so you’ll love all of the different restaurants and styles of cuisines that you can try.

Nyhavanh Harbour in Copenhagen Denmark

Each of these lovely destinations is easy to get to from the UK and each offers its own distinct culture and vibe so you’ll find something different in each city. This summer enjoy safe travels in Scandinavia. You won’t be sorry and you’ll want to come back every year! Maybe even from up here, you could explore the rest of Europe by car.

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