Drone Footage over Bangor Northern Ireland Town Hall by Allan Wilson

Treasure Hunt: Bangor Town Centre

This is one of our resurrected ‘Jenny Watts Treasure Hunts’ only made simpler and more ‘tourist-friendly’ with circle routes and easier questions and answers….

Spring and Summer in Stricklands Glen Fairy Glen Bangor West Northern Ireland

Strickland’s Glen Coastal Loop

“We’re so lucky to have this on our doorstep”. This would be the daily chitchat of locals on our ‘self-isolation escapes’ as we follow…

Ye' Olde Heritage Stuff

Brompton Bay by Jenny Watts Cave on Bangor Coastal Path

Jenny Watts Treasure Hunt

We put together the Jenny Watts Treasure Hunt back in 2015 to encourage local kids and young folk to explore the history of Bangor…

North Down Museum, North Down Bangor Museum in Northern Ireland

Bangor’s Heritage Centre (Museum)

The name ‘North Down Museum’ is a little misleading for visitors to Bangor, given it’s named after the local borough council, just to keep…

Town Hall Bangor in Snow, Attractions in Bangor Northern Ireland

A Brief History of Bangor

The recordings and artefacts of Bangor’s earlier beginnings date back to circa 500BC, during the late Bronze Age, where significant treasures found in the…

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Gorges Verdon, Road Trip in Southern France and Borders June

The Ultimate Road Trip in France

Through this somewhat ridiculous near-month long road trip in France and surrounding borders, we share the sheer diversity of travel during summer in France…

Sunrise at Matterhorn in Zermatt, Interrail in Winter: Train Travel in Europe Itinerary

Winter on Europe’s Interrail

This whole Interrail itinerary started as no more than the idea of the Glacier Express; a rather spectacular train journey that cuts across the…