Christmas Time in Castle Park, Tourist Attractions in Bangor Northern Ireland

A Tour of Castle Park

Bangor Castle Park will likely be the first place you see in Bangor, where the Town Hall (or Bangor Castle as it’s also known)…

Viaduct Bridge, Autumn Crawfordsburn Country Park Bangor Northern Ireland

Crawfordsburn Country Park

It has to have been a good 15 to 20 years since I last explored the top forests of Crawfordsburn Country Park. Or at…

Ye' Olde Heritage Stuff

Half Castle, North Down Coastal Path. Bangor to Strickland's Glen. Northern Ireland

The Legend of Jenny Watts

According to legend Jenny Watts was the youngest daughter of Jack Watts owner of the Jolly Fisherman, a tavern to the west of the…

North Down Museum, North Down Bangor Museum in Northern Ireland

Bangor’s Heritage Centre (Museum)

The name ‘North Down Museum’ is a little misleading for visitors to Bangor, given it’s named after the local borough council, just to keep…

Town Hall Bangor in Snow, Attractions in Bangor Northern Ireland

A Brief History of Bangor

The recordings and artefacts of Bangor’s earlier beginnings date back to circa 500BC, during the late Bronze Age, where significant treasures found in the…

Essential Eats

Chicken Tikka Nagashor, Green Chilli Bangor Indian Restaurant (NI)

Takeaway Tuesday: Green Chilli Bangor

This Takeaway Tuesday comes (on a Thursday) from “The Green Chilli”, one of the longer standing Indian restaurants in Bangor (Dufferin Avenue), and is…

Best Takeaway Food in Northern Ireland Chip Shops

Northern Ireland’s Chip Shop Treats

I really don’t understand the whole ‘eating out’ thing, where you pay twice the price, for mediocre food, while sitting in stuffy, uncomfortable surroundings….

Instant Noodles, New Asian Supermarket Belfast 40 Ormeau Embankment

The Asian Supermarket Belfast

Earlier this year (2018) the Asian Supermarket Belfast moved from its otherwise lifelong location on the Ormeau Road to what is now a short-ish…

The Travel Blog

Italian Riviera, Road Trip in Northern Italy, Self Drive Holidays in Europe

The Ultimate Road Trips in Europe

We have covered a fair few road trips in Europe through various times of the year, with around 16 different European countries under our…

Bedroom Views Hotel Villa de Alquezar Huesca Northern Spain

The Medieval Village of Alquézar

Ironically the single, best individual day of our road trip in France was in Spain, when we travelled through the Pyrenees from France’s glitzy…

2nd Class Car Glacier Express, Interrail in Winter Train Travel in Europe

Switzerland’s Glacier Express

We followed the Glacier Express Route from Zermatt to St Moritz, on a rather spectacular train journey that cuts across the Swiss Alps, during…